Arlyne Moi

Sverres gate 5, 0652 Oslo. Phone: (+47) 906 89 226 - Email: arlyne(at)


I studied at the Kunst- og Håndverksskole in Bergen from 1994 to 1999.

Here are some examples of my work,

Here is my theoretical paper for my master's degree at the Kunst- og Håndverksskolen, January 1999.



I studied Art history and Philosophy at the Universisty in Bergen, and finished my Master's degree in Phfilosophy in June 2005.

See my thesis here.

See also my text: The Container, the Coin and the Picture Frame, 2005



From 2010 to 2013 I studied and received a Master's dree in Museology at the Universitety of Oslo.



I work as a translator - go to the webpages for Arlyne Moi Oversettelse

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