All Flesh is Grass

By Arlyne Moi

Norwegian College of Applied Art and Design, Thesis for Master’s Degree, 1998
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  1. Definitions change with time. There is the view that all art up until Impressionism was illustration.
  2. I understand the term conceptual art meaning that the philosophy of it is implicit in the work and the idea or concept is its most important aspect.
  3. Illustration could be considered intrinsically conceptual. Tom Wolfe pointed out 20 years ago in the book The Painted Word, p.7. «Modern art has become completely literary: the paintings and other works exist only to illustrate the text.» Art which rejected realism has needed a written text, a theory, and seeing is not understanding with out a text, i.e. theory. This was true for modern art and I argue that it can also be applied to conceptual art.
  4. As preparation for a visit from the Pope, the Black Madonna icon was sent on pilgrimage around Poland. It was arrested by the police in the hope of undramatizing the visit. As fate would have it, people rose up in arms and carried the icons’ empty frame through the rest of the pilgrimage, in-creasing its impact even further.
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  6. It is worth noting here that 70% of all decorative fabric is florally based and is derivative of 17th century Dutch flower pieces.
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  12. (I think every one is a latent criminal, with or with out tattoo.)
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  18. (The course confirmed even more my view that the paper workshop would be a wonderful addition to the textile institute, which could change its name to Section for Fiber Art. )
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  20. In essence, I have had to lower my expectations in order to finish the project. Peter Stevens writes in his book patterns in Nature that Nature does every thing on a shoe string budget. She always uses the simplest possible method, never wastes energy on extravagant productions - here was a real lesson I could have learned earlier.
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  22. ?missing?
  23. The view of Perry Nodelman in his book, Words About Pictures, is that picture books are most interesting if the pictures and the text have different functions. When pictures show something other than what the text indicates, it is for the sake of irony. Text and pictures work best together when they communicate different information. When this happens, they stand in an ironic relationship with each other. The words tell what the pictures do not show and the pictures show what the words do not tell. The meaning of a book should be communicated by the whole, not by any specific part.
  24. An example of this would be my ignorance of the necessity to do ultra violet light tests on molded paper.
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