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I går ble det meldt at en katolsk biskop i England trekker sin støtte til Amnesty International etter at organisasjonen nå har definert tilgangen til abort (i noen tilfeller) som en menneskerettighet. Og han regner med at mange katolikker vil gjøre det samme.

The Rt Rev Michael Evans, Bishop of East Anglia, who had been actively involved in the human rights charity for 31 years, claimed he would be the “first of many” to cancel his membership after leaders voted overwhelmingly in favour of including access to abortion in their definition of human rights.

Rev Evans, 55, said he was “very sad” at abandoning his work with the organisation. “There are undoubtedly many Catholics who will now sadly have to withdraw membership,” he said. “Bishops, priests and lay people will have to make a very serious decision about their memberships, and I would expect them to make the same decision.

“The question of abortion is so central to Catholic opinion that it will make it difficult for Catholics to remain involved. I feel I cannot continue, and I know from people writing to me that others have already done the same. But individuals need to decide for themselves.”

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  1. Bra initiativ av biskopen!
    Forstår ikke helt hvorfor biskopene støttet Amnesty i utgangspunktet, jeg.

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