apr 252008

En prest som vanligvis feirer den nye messen, og som arbeider for å reformere måten den nye messen vanligvis feires på (og altså ikke først og fremst ønsker å bruke den gamle liturgien) sier likevel – noe som jeg selv, etter snart et halvt års erfaring med den gamle messen, må si meg helt enig i:

“The Novus Ordo has neither the mystical silence of the old Low Mass nor the political, dramatic beauty of the Solemn High Mass. It is neither glorious in its outward expression as triumphal celebration nor glorious in its inward dimension as contemplative prayer. So it has neither the outer splendor nor the inner profundity of the old Rite.”

Han skriver likevel om den nye messen:
The Liturgical Movement of the past century yielded good fruits, most notably a stronger sense of corporate worship (although I contend this did not necessitate the creation of a new Order of Mass); moreover, allowance of the vernacular was, in the main, a good thing, as were the expansion of biblical texts and the sharpened differentiation between what the ordinary form terms the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. I hasten to add, however, that an awareness of the symbolic and ceremonial deficiencies of the post-Vatican II liturgy explains the temptation of many traditionally minded priests (myself included) to “import” Tridentine rubrics and prayers when celebrating the ordinary form.

Han skriver så om hva han mener det er mulig, eller ikke mulig, å ta med inn i den nye messen av elemter fra den gamle. LES VIDERE HER.

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