jun 262008

Jeg skrev for en måneds tid siden om at folk har begynt å knele når de mottar kommunion på tungen fra pavens hånd. Fra et intervju med pavens seremonimester, Msgr. Guido Marini, ser det ut til at pave Benedikt ønsker at dette skal bli en fast ordning:

L’ OssRom: In the recent visit to Santa Maria di Leuca and Brindisi the Pope distributed Communion to the faithful on the tongue and kneeling. It his a practice destined to become habitual in papal ceremonies?

Msgr. Marini: I really think so. In this regard it is necessary not to forget that the distribution of Communion in the hand remains, even now, from the juridical standpoint, an indult from the universal law, conceded by the Holy See to those bishops conferences which requested it. The method adopted by Benedict XVI tends to underscore the force of the norm valid for the whole Church. In addition, one could perhaps also note a preference for using this method of distribution which, without taking anything from the other, better sheds light on the truth of the Real Presence in the Eucharist, it helps the the devotion of the faithful, introduces them more easily to a sense of mystery. Aspects which, in our time, speaking pastorally, it is urgent to highlight and recover.

Les mer om dette her.

www.katolsk.no meldte også om dette, med det lille bildet – noen få timer etter meg. Hadde de lest det på bloggen min?

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