jun 262008

katolsk.no finner vi navna på alle de nye erkebiskopene som på festen for Peter og Paulus skal motta itt embedstegn, sitt pallium.

Pave Benedikts MC, Msgr. Guido Marini, forklarer at det nye palliet blir litt større enn det erkebiskopene tidligere har fått, men ikke så stort og i så gammel stil som det pave Benedikt har brukt til nå:

In light of careful studies, regarding the development of the pallium over the centuries, it seems that we can say that the long pallium crossed over the left shoulder was not worn in the West as from the 9th century onwards. … In this sense the use of the new pallium intends to meet two requirements: first of all to emphasize more strongly the continuous [organic] development which in an arch of more than twelve centuries this liturgical vestment has continued to have; in second place the practical [requirement], because the pallium used by Benedict XVI since the beginning of his pontificate and has led to several annoying problems from this point of view.

– There remain differences between the papal pallium and the one which the Pontiff imposes on the archbishops?

The difference remains even in the current pallium. What will be worn by Benedict XVI from the solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul onwards takes the form of the pallium used up to John Paul II, albeit in a larger and longer cut, and with the color red for the crosses.

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