aug 282009

Jeg meldte for noen dager siden at flere av Vatikanets biskoper og kardinaler ønsker å gjøre noen forandringer i liturgien, og sendt disse forslagene til pave Benedikt. Flere har skrevet om dette, og bl.a. har man fra høyeste hold nektet at det fins et dokument som viser at det er vedtatt noen som helst liturgiske forandringer. Men i England slår The Catholic Herald dette stort opp:

The Vatican has proposed sweeping reforms to the way Mass is celebrated, it has been claimed.

Communion on the tongue, Consecration celebrated ad orientem (facing east) and renewed use of Latin could all be re-introduced to ordinary Sunday Masses as part of proposals put forward by the Congregation for Divine Worship.

Andrea Tornielli, a senior Vatican watcher, reported last week that the congregation’s cardinals and bishops voted “almost unanimously in favour of greater sacrality of the Rite” at a plenary meeting in March.

Members of the congregation are said to have put forward 30 propositiones (“propositions”) aimed at reforming the way in which the Novus Ordo has been celebrated since the Second Vatican Council.

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