mai 222011

William Oddie i the Catholic Herald skrev fredag om de ulike reportene som forteller at pave benedikts liturgireform vil fortsette:

… what seems to me a potentially wondrous proposed advance. But will it happen? There is a danger that what amounts to an entirely new proposal of a fresh liturgical development, going beyond both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary forms of the Mass to something possibly better than either, will sink without trace: so here’s my two penn’orth towards getting it noticed and talked about, and I hope acted on. …

The fact is that both existing forms, as at present celebrated, lack something. Much has been alleged and lengthily spelled out about the defects of the Novus Ordo, so I say nothing about them here. But the Old Rite (I intend to call it that in future: “Extraordinary Form” sounds like a physical defect of some sort) also presents its difficulties, if for no other reason than that it has become so unfamiliar to many if not most people. I have always thought it nonsensical and wrong that the Old Rite should be banned in the aftermath of Vatican II; the liberalisation of its use following Summorum Pontificum was long overdue. But the great and undoubted riches of the Old Rite, it has seemed to me since I recently began to attend it on Sundays, are impeded from re-entering the mainstream of the Church’s liturgical life by an almost insuperable barrier. It’s very difficult indeed for anyone not actually brought up with it (and that’s a large and growing proportion of congregations these days) to find out what is actually going on, except at certain key points when bells, the elevations and so on, indicate it unmistakeably. ,,,

Så fortsetter Oddie å skrive (og kommentarene etter hans innlegg handler mye om det) om hvor vanskelig tilgjengelig den gamle messen er – når man ikke har opplevd den så mange ganger, i alle fall. Jeg har tenkt på dette en del de siste par dagene, og tenker også på det nå – når jeg er på vei for å feire den tradisjonelle latinske messen i St Joseph kirke: Er denne messen for vanskelig tilgjengelig, hvilke små grep kan vi gjøre for at det skal bli lettere etc. ?

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