jun 202011

Jeg leste her at den første “bølgen” av ordinasjoner i Ordinariatet i Engalnd nesten er fullført; ca 50 tidligere anglikanske prester er nå blitt katolske prester.

It seems an eternity since those Ordinations of the three recently retired Provincial Episcopal Visitors. Now the ordinations to the priesthood of the first wave of Anglican clergy is almost at an end. There is a temptation to compare and contrast, when you have been to a few of these. …

All the Ordinations I’ve attended (and Msgr. Keith has been to far more than I have) have been lovely, and each has been very different from the others. There was the splendid choral singing (very Anglican Patrimony!) in Westminster, and the great warmth with which the Archbishop greeted the newly ordained. Most moving of all, his kneeling to ask each of them a blessing at the end of the Mass. The Bishop of Brentwood was especially generous in the way he included Msgr. Keith throughout, and shared the Blessing with him. Our own Bishop of Portsmouth spoke “from heart to heart” most movingly, very appreciative of our previous ministry as Anglicans. …

… Very soon this first series of Ordinations will be at an end — then we begin to prepare for the next wave; and the next, and the next. Roll on these ‘waves that beat on heaven’s door’. Some of those in the congregation last night will surely be carried along on those waves. …

I kommentarene er det mange som er glade for det som er skjedd, og som ønsker de nye prestene lykke til, mens noen undrer seg over at disse tidligere heretikerne skal kunne bli katolske rpester så lettvint.

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  1. Jeg funderer også litt over hvor “lett” dette virker. Det må ligge mye bak, som jeg i alle fall ikke har kunnskap om.

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