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Bloggen “A Fourfold Vision” fortsetter der jeg slapp i går kveld med å si om Ratzinger syn på liturgien før og etter 1965:

Note, however, that the then-Fr. Ratzinger’s criticisms of the pre-1970 liturgy related chiefly to the ars celebrandi; and, indeed, that his criticisms of the post-1970 liturgy appear to relate to much the same. If the one was excessively rubricalised, often rushed through and disconnected from the masse of the Faithful, the other is often… well, banal, made up on the spot, and in the worst cases, mundane in every sense.

Deretter fortsetter bloggen med å skrive om hvordan den nye liturgien (som han egentlig er for) bør forandres (så mye at det blir svært lite igjen av den):

… I propose a further revision of the Roman Missal of 1970/2002. This, I believe, would be entirely constructive and possible, since it changes little directly for the Faithful, but a great deal for the priest celebrating the Mass. This revision would have the following effects:

1. That apart from side altars, there is to be but one main altar in the church, situated in the apse, and that this is to face East, … a priest facing the apse; that is, in the same direction as the body of the Faithful, which is to be considered the normative arrangement.

2. That liturgical vestments hitherto omitted from the Missal would be restored; that actions and details pertaining to the priest – the manner of his joining his hands, of holding them following the Offertory, etc., are to be taken from the 1962 Missal, and reinstated where appropriate in the new Missal. That these details be considered to be used at the discretion of the celebrant.

3. That the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, Last Gospel, etc., be reinstated as optional elements of the Mass; that these may be recited either in an audible or an inaudible voice. That the Asperges be similarly restored.

4. That the number of options in the 1970 Missal be reduced; the ability of the priest to alter or replace musical elements is to be removed. That the ability of the priest to substitute alternate Penitential Rites be deleted from the Missal. That all Eucharistic Prayers apart from the First, known also as the Roman Canon, and the Third, are to be deleted. That the First Eucharistic Prayer, or Roman Canon, is to be given precedence over the Third, which is now to be the Second or Alternate Canon.

5. That the Offertory prayers of 1970 are to be deleted, and replaced with those found in the 1962 Missal (Suscipe, sancte Pater; Deus qui humanae; Offerimus tibi; In spiritu humilitatis; Veni sanctificator, and all others up until the Orate fratres).

6. That music in the liturgy is to be an appropriate plainchant setting, or some suitable, polyphonic Mass setting, requiring no instrumental accompaniment, and written in the style of the Renaissance polyphonists (cf: Tra le sollecitudini, Pope St Pius X).

7. That those elements proper to the deacon and sub-deacon omitted from the 1970 Missal are to be restored, such that a “High Mass” according to the new Missal may be celebrated.

8. That the Calendar of 1570 be updated where appropriate with new feasts, providing they are given an appropriate class, relative to those feasts already celebrated on those days. That the propers appropriate to these feasts be similarly restored.

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