des 292011

NLM skriver mer om Una Voces 20. generalforsamling i Roma i november, HER presenterer de et foredrag av Msgr. Valentin Miserachs Grau om liturgisk musikk: IMPLICATIONS OF A CENTENARY: PONTIFICAL INSTITUTE FOR SACRED MUSIC (1911-2011)

Der snakker monsignoren bl.a. om “The rampant wave of false and truly dreadful liturgical music in our churches…”

Fr. Z. skriver også om dette, bl.a.:

When thinking and writing about music appropriate for liturgical worship I have always gone back to what the late Church musician Msgr. Richard Schuler correctly asserted: since sacred liturgical music is NOT an add-on in worship, since it is actually an integrating part (pars integrans) of liturgical worship, since it is prayer, liturgical music must be both sacred and also art.

The texts must be sacred texts. The idiom must be a sacred idiom, or at least not opposed to the sacred. The music must be good, that is, well-composed, of high artistic value. It must be performed well.

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