jan 022013

I går leste jeg en artikkel hos FirstThings.com, som stiller dette spørsmålet og prøver å svare på hvorfor dette (noe overraskende) kan komme til å skje. Artikklen begynner slik:

When the Vatican recently announced its new candidates for sainthood, there was a remarkable name on its list: Pope Paul VI.

On December 20, 2012, Pope Benedict declared Paul a Christian of “heroic virtue,” granting him the title, “Venerable.” Paul VI is now one approved miracle away from beatification, and a second from formal canonization.

The response has been both surprise and confusion: many people didn’t even know Paul VI was up for sainthood, and to the extent they did, expressed very uneven feelings about him.

Assailed by both progressives and traditionalists alike, and having reigned during a tumultuous era, Paul VI remains, in death, almost as controversial as he was in life.

In light of all that, the now-Venerable Paul VI deserves a much-needed second look; Catholics need to discern what really drove him, and why the Vatican has advanced his cause. …

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