mai 142014

Det er First Things som skriver slik om uttalelser til FN-eksperter i Geneve:

U.N. experts in Geneva were at it again last week telling the Holy See that Catholic teaching on abortion is a human rights abuse, revealing a chasm between the Church’s understanding of its mission and how U.N. officials perceive it. …

The American on the U.N. Committee Against Torture, Felice Gaer, told the Holy See that the Church’s position on abortion was a “concern” and that “women should have a right to choose.” Prohibitions on abortion are a form of torture according to Gaer—who ironically spent a decade on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

An expert from the country of Georgia tried to be nuanced, and accused the Catholic Church of having “publically shamed” women and doctors who commit abortions through excommunication, thereby torturing them.

This unholy reverse inquisition found its match in Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, Apostolic Nuncio in Geneva, who responded calmly to his questioners. The experts ended up getting a crash course on the separation of Church and State.

“Abortion is a form of torture,” he said, capitalizing on the silence of the committee on late-term abortions in particular. His tone was abrasive—the only time during his grueling six-hour interrogation. He showed no intention of apologizing for the Church’s solicitude for unborn children, telling the committee that this line of questioning was a “direct violation” of religious freedom.

Unfortunately, the Archbishop’s enlightening interpretation of the U.N. convention against torture has almost certainly fallen on deaf ears. …..

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