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Jeg var informert om pilegrimsarrangementet Populus Summorum Pontificum som gikk av stabelen 22.-25. oktober 2015 – lese om det HER (offisiell side) og HER (på engelsk). Jeg valgte likevel å ikke delta på arrangementet; jeg er glad i den tradisjonelle latinske messen og for tillatelsen til å feire den (gitt av pave Benedikt i 2007), men var ikke så interessert i å delta i store prosesjoner o.l.

The New Liturgical Movement skrev i dag om pavens hilsen til arrangementet:

On the occasion of the pilgrimage to Rome of the Coetus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum, which keeps the ancient Roman liturgy alive in the Church, the Holy Father Pope Francis sends his warm greetings, along with his wish that their participation in this devout visit to the tombs of the Apostles stirs up their fervent adherence to Christ, who is celebrated in the beauty of the liturgy, which brings us to contemplate the Lord transfigured in the light of glory, and that it bring renewed energy to their witness to the perennial message of the Christian faith. ….

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State

Father Z. reiste fra USA for å være med (og har tatt de to bildene jeg viser her), men var bare delvis fornøyd med arrangementet (og jeg forstår at det sikkert var greit at jeg ikke deltok), for han skriver:

First, it was a great event and I enjoyed and spiritually benefited from it. I prayed a lot and for many people and intentions. That was a success.

Second, it might have been international in a technical sense, but I think there were perhaps only two native English speakers involved as more than altar boys in the whole thing. It was too highly centered on the French and Italians. They may not have any idea of what the world is like beyond their little nearby horizons. They certainly didn’t bother to reach out much before the pilgrimage. Perhaps next year. (I’m am not the only person who noticed this, by the way.)

Third, they had photographers snapping endless photos of the liturgical eye candy in the sanctuary. That’s fine, I suppose. But… what they should have been also shooting are photos of huge crowds of people jamming the churches. They should have been focused also on the congregation, on lay people devoutly praying, their expressions of awe and happiness. Instead, if you find any photos (I haven’t yet), you may see quite a few dour looking French seminarians with plenty of lace. You might not see the side aisles packed with people standing, intently focused and joyful to have something so beautiful… the fruit of their sacrifices over the years. Their sacrifices… I remind the clergy.

Yes, the clergy play an important part in cultivating the fruits of Summorum Pontificum. To my mind, the real credit is do to lay people. …


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