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Bildet over viser pave emeritus Benedikt (som nå er 93 år gammel) i Regensburg for et par dager siden, da han kom dit for å besøke sin 96 år gamle bror. Catholic News Agency skriver om besøket bl.a. dette:

… Immediately upon his arrival in Regensburg around noon on Thursday, Benedict went to see his brother, the diocese reported. The brothers celebrated Mass together at the house in Regensburg and the pope emeritus then traveled to the diocesan seminary in the afternoon to rest. In the evening, he returned to see his brother.

On Friday, the two celebrated Mass together for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, according to a statement.

The former pope visited on Saturday the residence where he lived as “Professor Ratzinger” from 1970 to 1977.

His last time seeing the home was during his 2006 pastoral trip to Bavaria. Pentling is just outside Regensburg.

The diocese said Benedict XVI then stopped at the Ziegetsdorf cemetery to spend time in prayer at the graves of his parents and sister. …

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