Lørdagens nyheter fra pavens tur til Polen, sier John Allen, er at journalistene er frustrerte fordi pave Benedikt ikke sier noe som passer til avisenes overskrifter, han legger faktisk (bare) frem viktige ting i den kristne tro.

(Dette er en fortsettelse på gårsdagens post: Formålet med pavens besøk i Polen - del 1)

I Wadowice, pave Johannes Pauls fødested, pekte han på dåpspakten, hvor viktig det er for alle kristne å leve den ut. Han pekte også på hvor viktig det er at troen integreres i hele vårt liv, Allen skriver:
At its roots, Benedict believes, the modern malady is a crisis of faith - faith in Christ, in the church, and hence declining passion for the sacraments, for prayer, and for living a life of moral purpose. Hence what Benedict offers are usually the spiritual and pastoral basics, almost as if he wants to peel the modern situation back to the beginning of the divorce between faith and culture in the Enlightenment, and start again. Benedict is in that sense a man of the fundamentals.

Lørdag kveld, i møte med ungdommer i Krakow's Blonie Park, snakket han om noe så sentralt som å bygge huset på fjell, ikke på sandgrunn:
Benedict's passion for the basics was most evident in his session with young people ..., where he repeatedly returned to Jesus' words in the gospel about building one's house on solid rock as opposed to sand. "Building on Christ means basing all your desires, aspirations, dreams, and plans on his will," the pope said. Benedict warned the young people that making such a choice will often mean being rejected by the world.

Også på lørdag referer Allen til flere uttalelser fra Vatikanets pressetalsmann, Navarro-Valls, om hvordan turen har gått så langt, og om pavens vurdering av det som har skjedd:
Asked about Benedict's "strategy" for the Poland trip, Navarro-Valls said he preferred the term "pastoral approach." Navarro-Valls called it a "pastoral approach of intelligence." "His messages are full of content that is sometimes difficult to express, but he does it very well," Navarro-Valls said. "These are very dense texts."

Navarro-Valls said that Benedict has repeatedly invoked the word "rationality" over these days. "He wants to insist on it," Navarro-Valls said. "Exactly what our epoch needs, is what it is asking of the pope," meaning a renewed emphasis on reason in the intellectual life and in the life of faith. Navarro-Valls said Benedict has been satisfied with the large and enthusiastic crowds, but he's more content that the trip is unfolding as he wished -- "not just sentimental, but an itinerary of faith."

I sitt referat fra søndagen, skriver John Allen at pave Benedikt tydeligere enn noen gang legger frem sitt "hoved"tema. Slik formulerer hans seg f.eks. under den store utendørsmessen - for 1 million mennesker - i Krakow:
"When Karol Wojtyla was elected to the See of Peter in order to serve the universal church, your land became a place of special witness to faith in Jesus Christ," he said. "You were called to give this witness before the whole world. This vocation of yours is always needed, and it is perhaps even more urgent than ever, now that the Servant of God has passed from this life." "Do not deprive the world of this witness!" Benedict urged. ...

"I ask you, finally, to share with the other peoples of Europe and the world the treasure of your faith," he said, "not least as a way of honoring the memory of your countryman, who, as the Successor of Peter, did this with extraordinary power and effectiveness," he said. "I ask you to stand firm in your faith!" Benedict said, echoing the official motto of his four-day journey.

Ved avskjedseremonien før avreisen fortsatte paven, i følge Allen, på samme måte og sa:
Pope Benedict XVI called on Poles today not only to preserve their Catholic heritage, but to carry it with them into the construction of a Europe mindful of its Christian roots. John Paul II prayed that Poland "would not only find her proper place within a united Europe," Benedict said, "but would also enrich this continent and the whole world with her tradition." "Today, as your presence in the family of European states is being constantly consolidated, I wish with my whole heart to repeat those words of hope," Benedict said. "I ask you to remain faithful custodians of the Christian deposit, and to transmit it to future generations."