Eksempler på Arlyne Mois oversettelser og språkvask

Examples of Arlyne Moi's translations and proofreads


Translation projects (a selection), updated December 2018

This partial overview of translation projects is divided into the following categories: art, cultural history and other more diverse categories within social science, particularly organization science. My copy-editing and proofreading projects also fall into these categories.

The art-related translations which I do not list below include, but are not limited to, press releases, artist monographs, museum webpages, art school curricula, PhD dissertations, calls for papers, job announcements, brochures, and interpretive labels and wall texts for exhibitions.

See earlier examples (from 2005-13) here.

ART - a selection

- Blakkisrud, Dag, and Matthew Drutt (eds.): Thorvald Hellesen, 1888-1937. Stuttgart: arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2022. (Translation from Norwegian to English.)

- Karlsen, Anne Szefer, and Helga Nyman (eds.): Experiences of Oil. Exhibition catalogue, Stavanger Kunstmuseum. Trondheim: Museumsforlaget, 2022. (I did copy editing and proofreading.)

- Berger, Randi Grov, and Tonje Kjellevold (eds.): Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. Exhibition catalogue, Galleri F 15, Moss. Stuttgart: arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2020. (I did copy editing on the English texts.)

- Kokkin, Jan: Gunnar S. Gundersen. Stuttgart: arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2020. (Translation from Norwegian to English.)

- Messel, Nils: The Impressionist Trail: The What, Whence and Whither of French Masterpieces in Norway. Oslo: Messel forlag, 2019. (Translation from Norwegian to English. The Norwegian book title: Franske forbindelser. Kunst, kapital og konjunkturer i Norge rundt 1. verdenskrig, Messel forlag, 2016.)

- Bjerregaard, Peter (ed.): Forvandling. Tro og hellige gjenstander i middelalderen / Transformation: Faith and Sacred Objects in the Middle Ages. Exhibition catalogue for Kulturhistorisk museum (the Museum of Cultural History), Oslo. Trondheim: Museumsforlaget, 2019. (Translation from Norwegian to English.)

- Vedeler, M., H. L. Aannestad, K. Elliott, and V. Vike: Víkingr: Journeys, War and Belief in a Time of Transition. Catalogue for the Viking Age exhibition, Historical Museum, Oslo. Oslo: Kulturhistorisk museum, 2019. (Translation from Norwegian to English.)

- Falch, Frank: Else Marie Jakobsen: Tapestry and Involvement (Kristiansand: Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, forthcoming in 2019. (Translation)

- Veie Sandvik, Maria and Anette Therese Pettersen, eds. Criticism for an Absent Reader. 2019. (Translation of articles by the critics Anette T. Pettersen, Tommy Olsson, Charlotte Bik Bandlien and Erlend Hammer, Bernhard Ellefsen and Sigurd Tenningen. Hild Borchgrevink's article is not a translation.)

- Gali, André, ed. Norwegian Crafts http://www.norwegiancrafts.no (I have collaborated with Gali since 2010, translating and proofreading articles dealing with contemporary craft in Norway.

- Gudmundson, Inger M.L., ed. Olaf Lange: Power and Mythologies. Exhibition catalogue. Stavanger: Museum Stavanger, 2018. (Trans. of articles by the art historians Marit Ingeborg Lange, Knut Ljøgodt, Arnhild Sunnanå, Inger M.L. Gudmundson, and the former editor of Stavanger Aftenblad, Tom Hetland.)

- Bull, Knut Astrup. 'You In-Between: From Aesthetic Difference to Aesthetic Differing'. In Material Perceptions. Vol. 5 in Documents on Contemporary Crafts, edited by André Gali and K.A. Bull, 29-48. Stuttgart: Arnoldsche Art Publishers and Norwegian Crafts, 2018. (Translation)

- Kokkin, Jan. Gerhard Munthe: Norwegian Pioneer of Modernism. Stuttgart: Arnoldshe Art Publishers, 2018. (Translation. This large book compliments an exhibition devoted to Munthe's design-related works at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo.)

- Falch, Frank and Else-Brit Kroneberg: Bits and Bobs and Lobster! 50 Years of Jewellery Art by Lise Schønberg. Exhibition catalogue. Kristiansand: Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, 2017. (Translation)

- Gudmundson, Inger M.L., ed. Kitty Kielland. Oslo: Uten Tittel AS and MUST, Stavanger Kunstmuseum, 2017. (Trans. of articles by Inger M.L. Gudmundson, Marit Ingeborg Lange, Hild Sørby, Tone L. Nyaas, Karl O. Knausgård, Sigrun Åsebø and Janeke M. Utne.)

- Valla, Kristin, ed. HØTT: Arctic Arts Festival. Harstad: Festspillene i Nord-Norge, 2017. (Translation)

- Moi, Toril. 'Between the Dishrag and the Tiger', Norwegian Crafts.no, May 2017, http://www.norwegiancrafts.no/articles/between-dishrag-and-the-tiger (Translation)

- Bull, Knut Astrup. Irene Nordli: The Porcelain Room. Oslo: Irene Nordli, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2017. (Translation)

- Utne, Janeke M: 'Materialized Memories: A Humorous, Melancholy Practice of Remembering', in John K. Raustein. Lyden av utpust. Oslo: Raustein.com, 2016. (Translation)

- Salthe, Vibece, ed. Waldemar Eide: Photography as Art. Stavanger: MUST, Stavanger Art Museum, 2016. (Trans. of articles by Vibece Salthe, Lisabet Risa, Hanne Holm-Johnsen and Sigrid Lien.)

- Johannessen, Kurt. OM / ABOUT. Bergen: Zeth forlag, 2016. (Trans. of all texts by K. Johannessen plus articles by the philosopher Øyvind Kvalnes, University of Oslo, and the art historian Frode Sandvik, KODE Bergen.) I have translated many books by Johannessen. Some of these are from his 'About Something' series (now 15 volumes). Selection:

- About Chocolate Cake. Bergen: Zeth forlag, forthcoming 2017.

- About Reality and Constructions. Bergen: Zeth forlag, 2016.

- About That Without Meaning. Bergen: Zeth forlag, 2014.

- About the Innermost. Bergen: Zeth forlag, 2014.

- About Thoughts. Bergen: Zeth forlag, 2013.

- About Breath. Bergen: Zeth forlag, 2013.

- Ljøgodt, Knut. 'In Quest of the Sublime', in Paintings by Peder Balke, edited by Kate Bell and Claire Young, 43-53. Exhibition catalogue. London: National Gallery and Yale University Press, 2015. (Translation)

- Salthe, Vibece, ed. Intimate and Monumental: The Jan Groth and Steingrim Laursen Collection. Stavanger: MUST, Stavanger Art Museum, 2015. (Trans. of articles by Vibece Salthe, Nina Hobolth and Troels Andersen.)

- Ueland, Hanne Beate, ed. Frida Hansen: Art Nouveau in Full Bloom. Stavanger: MUST, Stavanger Art Museum, 2015. (Trans. of articles by Janne Leithe, H.B. Ueland, Inger M.L. Gudmundson and Widar Halén.)

- Lønningdal, Ingrid, ed. Borgen: A Place for Culture Production. Oslo: Teknisk Industri AS, 2015. (Trans. of articles by, among others, Heidi Bergsli, Ingrid Lønningdal, Even Smith Wergeland, Lotte Konow Lund and Svein Egil Hatlevik.)

- Scott, Paul and Knut Astrup Bull, eds. Horizon: Transferware and Contemporary Ceramics. Stuttgart: Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2015. (Trans. of articles by Inger Helene Stemshaug, Peder Valle, Knut Astrup Bull and Jorunn Veiteberg.)

- Kiilerich, Bente, Visual Dynamics: Reflections on Late Antique Images. Bergen: Kiilerich. (I have proofread for Prof. Kiilerich.)

- Ljøgodt, Knut and Andrea E. Kragerud, eds. From Dahl to Munch: Nordic Painting from the Canica Art Collection. Stamsund: Orkana Forlag, 2015. (I was part of a translation team for Swedish, Danish, English and Norwegian. My part entailed translating for the Norwegian art historians.)

- Nordby, Halvor. 'Distance and Nearness: A Philosophical Essay on Primary Qualities in Art Objects', in Cosmic Debris: Meteorites and Jewellery Objects by Reinhold Ziegler, edited by André Gali, 17-51. Stuttgart: Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2014. (Translation)

- Hindsbo, Karin and Else-Brit Kroneberg eds. The Beginning Is Always Today: Contemporary Feminist Art in Scandinavia. Kristiansand: Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, 2014. (Trans. of articles by Linda Fagerström, Frederikke Hansen, Karin Hindsbo, Else-Brit Kroneberg and Charlotte Myrbråten.)

- Henriksen, Hege, ed. Aftermath of Art Jewellery. Stuttgart: Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2013.

- Ingjerd Hanevold, exhibition catalogue. Oslo: Kunstnerforbundet, 2013. (Trans. of articles by Olga Schmedling and Line Ulekleiv.)

- Danbolt, Gunnar: Ida C. Helland-Hansen: Myriads. Bergen: Ida Helland Hansen, 2012. (Translation)

- Meyer, Peter S., Maiken Winum, Holde M. Finbak and Arlyne Moi, eds. Sidetracks: Painting in the Paramodern Continuum. Oslo: Orfeus Publishing AS, 2012. (Trans. of articles by the philosopher Morten Kyngrup and the art historian Øystein Sjåstad.)

- Press Play Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum (the West Norway Museum of Decorative Art), 2010-2011. Exhibition catalogue. (Curator Kari Skarprud Pettersen coordinated the project. I translated essays from Norwegian/Danish to English and did proofreading.)

- Kroneberg, Else-Brit, ed. Morten Viskum. Kristiansand: Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, 2010. (Trans. of articles by Lars Vilks, Else-Brit Kroneberg, Pontus Kylander and Karl Olav Segrov Mortensen.)

- Salthe, Vibece, ed. Mette Tronvoll: At Eye Level. Munich: Schirmer / Mosel, 2009. (Trans. of articles by Vibece Salthe and Stephanie von Spreter.)

- Kiilerich, Benthe. Visual and Functional Aspects of Inscriptions in Early Church Floors (proofread, journal essay, 2009).

- Kiilerich, Benthe. The Rhetoric of Materials in the Tempietto Longobardo at Cividale (proofread, journal essay, 2009).

- Kiilerich, Benthe. The Mosaic of the Female Musicians from Mariamin, Syria (proofread, journal essay, 2009).

- Woltmann, Marit, ed. LIGHTS ON Norwegian Contemporary Art. Exhibition catalogue for Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo. Milan: Skira, 2008. (Translation)

- Hodne, Sigrun: Universalumstulp - Classics from the Prinzhorn Collection. Exhibition catalogue. Stavanger: Rogaland Museum of Fine Arts, 2008. (Translation)

- Bø-Rygg, Arnfinn. 'Thinking with Klee' in In Paul Klee's Enchanted Garden, edited by Zentrum Paul Klee. Bern: Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2008. (Translation.)

- Furseth, Eva, ed. Håkon Gullvåg: Anti-Monologues. Trondheim: Kunstkontoret AS, 2008. (Trans. of articles by Jan Kjærstad and Eva Furseth.)

- Furseth, Eva, ed. Sliman Mansour and Håkon Gullvåg: Situations. Catalogue for exhibition traveling to Trondheim and Ramallah. Oslo: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs, Trondheim Municipality, 2008. (I did the Norwegian-English translation for the art-related texts.)

- Nes, Solrunn. The Uncreated Light: An Iconographical Study of the Transfiguration in the Eastern Church. Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Erdmans, 2007. (This was translated in 1999 but the publication came much later.)

- Furseth, Eva. Håkon Gullvåg: Liturgical Art. Oslo: Labyrinth Press, 2005. (Translation)

- Ormhaug, Knut and Frode Sandvik, eds. UKIYO-E: Pictures from the Floating World. Japanese Colour Woodblock Prints in Bergen Art Museum. Bergen: Bergen Kunstmuseum, 2004. (Translation)

CULTURAL HISTORY - a selection

- Fuglerud, Řivind, and Karoline Kjesrud: Heritage: Our Place in History. Exhibition catalogue, the Museum of Cultural History, Oslo. Oslo: Kulturhistorisk museum, forthcoming in 2023. (Translation from Norwegian to English.)

- Rřstad, I. M., H. L. Aannestad, K. Elliott, and A. Mansrud (eds.): Fabulour Animals: From the Iron Age to the Vikings. Exhibition catalogue for the Museum of Cultural History, Oslo. Oslo: Kulturhistorisk museum, 2020. (Translation from Norwegian to English.)

- Elliott, Katherine, Marianne Vedeler and Hanne Lovise Aannestad. Vikinger. Exhibition catalogue, the Museum of Cultural History, Oslo. Oslo: Museumsforlaget, 2019.

- Bjerregaard, Peter, ed. Transformation: Faith and Sacred Objects in the Middle Ages. Exhibition catalogue for the Museum of Cultural History, Oslo. Oslo: Museumsforlaget, 2019.

- Tveit, Mette et al. Kristin and Magnus: Colour the Middle Ages. Educational colouring book for Museum Stavanger/Cultural History Department. Stavanger: Museum Stavanger AS, 2018.

- Fremmerlid, Astri, ed. Homo Religiosus: Religious Experiences, Dialogue and Encounters with Art. Tromsø: Perspektivet Museum, 2017. (Trans. of chapters by A. Fremmerlid and Mariane A. Olsen. The book accompanies an exhibition with the same name.)

- Roos, Merethe. Enlightened Preaching: Balthasar Munter's Authorship 1772-1793. In Brill's Series in Church History, 62. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2013.

- I have translated exhibition texts and proofread numerous research-based articles for the Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies, Oslo. Contact person: Cora Alexa Døving.


- Grøttum, Helle S., Ellen Bugge and Ragnhild Halvorsen, writing for the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association. Hurrah! An Allergic Guest. Information booklet for food business operators in Norway. Oslo: Astma- og allergiforbundet, 2014. (I worked closely with the advisor Ellen Bugge on this project.)

- Reindalen, Solveig, Bildung, the Bologna Process and Kierkegaard's Concept of Subjective Thinking. Springerlink.com DOI 10.1007/s11217-012-9344-1 (2012) (Proofreading)

- Hagen, Margareth Autobiography and Chemistry, 2012. Conference paper on Primo Levi. (Proofreading.)

- Brunstad, Paul Otto. Prudent Leadership: Between Vices and Virtues. (Norwegian: Klokt lederskap: mellom dyder og dødsynder, Oslo: Gyldendal Akademisk.) (Book translation 2012)

- Byrkjeflot, Haldor, The Interpretation of Weber's Bureaucratic ideal Type in Organization Theory. (2012) (Essay translation) http://www.sv.uio.no/iss/personer/vit/haldorb/index.html

- Jamil, Ishtiaq. 'Inter-organizational Coordination in Urban Governance in Bangladesh: A Tale of Two Cities'. International Journal of Public Administration, vol. 35, issue 5 (2012). (proofread article).

- Johansen, Venke F. 'Freedom and Pressure in Self-Disclosure'. Social Theory & Health. Submitted 22 March 2012.

- Johansen, Venke F. 'Symbols and Meaning in Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns'. NORA Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research. Submitted 7 July 2011.

- Lundblad, Lars Gunner. On the relation between the political sphere and civil society in the practice of the zakat principle in Palestine (Bergen: University of Bergen, 2011) (PhD proofread).

- Hellesund, Tone. A Text about Wanting - and Not Wanting - to be Normal (2011) (translation, essay, sociology, UiB)

- Christensen, T., P. Lægreid, P.G. Roness and K.A. Rørvik. Organization Theory for the Public Sector: Instrument, Culture and Myth. London: Routledge, 2007.


See earlier examples (from 2005-13) here.

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