nov 082005

Det rapporteres fra vatikanet at pave Benedikt i går møtte biskop Mark Hanson, som er president i Det Lutherske Verdensforbund. Et felles dokument om “Kirkens apostolisitet” nærmer seg nå ferdigstillelse og i den forbindelse sier paven:

The International Lutheran-Roman Catholic Commission on Unity will soon complete its fourth phase of dialogue and publish its findings in a document on the apostolicity of the Church. We are all aware that our fraternal dialogue is challenged not just by the need to verify the reception of these shared formulations of doctrine in our respective communions, but even more so today by a general climate of uncertainty regarding Christian truths and ethical principles which formerly went unquestioned. This common patrimony in certain cases is being undermined by changed hermeneutical approaches.

“LES HELE MELDINGEN FRA Vatikanets informasjonstjeneste HER”:/blog/fil/05_nov_lwf.htm

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