nov 172006

Pave Benedikt har nylig snakket med biskoper fra Sveits og Tyskland, og i sine budskap til dem har han lagt vekt på etiske spørsmål. Han sier at han har tenkt mye over disse spørsmålene og at hans overbevisning er at det i dag er “to typer moral”.

Peace, justice, and the defense of nature are the object of what is almost a new religion, regardless of the proposed solutions, which according to the pope “are often very one-sided and are not always credible.”

But on life and the family, there is a large following for an “antimorality” contrary to the morality proposed by the Church. Benedict XVI’s response is that it is necessary “to reconnect these two parts of morality, and make it clear that they must be inseparably united.”

In fact, “it is only if human life is respected from conception to death that the ethics of peace is also possible and credible.”


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