jul 092007

Noen har stilt det interessante spørsmålet om man har muligheten til å kombinere deler av den nye og den gamle messen. Kan ta lesningene fra den nye messen (med tre lesninger om søndager, og tre år A, B og C) og den eukaristiske bønnen fra den gamle messen f.eks.?

My question concerns the implications of the Motu Proprio on these matters. It seems to be Benedict’s impulse to encourage a kind of two-way borrowing from the extraordinary to the ordinary form. The USCCB is already saying that the old rule against “mixing rites” no longer applies since the old and new are to be seen not as separate rites but as two forms of the same rite. Doesn’t this suggest, then, a greater degree of liberality concerning the ordinary form than we have previously supposed? What happens, for example, to the dubium from the CDW that ruled against new form celebrations employing the old form offertory prayers? Are we to see that as entirely overruled?


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