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Jeg leser stadig kommentarene/ retningslinjene til pavens dokument om den gamle liturgien, mest på bloggen WDTPRS. I dag sier Father Z. at han aldri lest et så negativt og restriktivt dokument som det erkebiskopen i Glasgow er i ferd med å sende ut. Det ser ut til at ingen prester ordinert etter 1970 vil få lov til å bruke den gamle messen, og bare troende som over lang tid har brukt den gamle liturgien, skal få lov til å fortsette med det! Var det dette pave Benedikt hadde i tankene? Her er noe av dokumentet med Father Z’s kritiske kommentarer:

“Notice that there is to be a “stable group”, a single request does not establish such a group. Moreover the group is to be identified as adhering to the earlier liturgical rite. A vague hankering for the old days is not an adherence to the earlier rite; this document has been issued to attempt to address serious divisions, not a generalised longing for days past. The word “adhere” is fundamental to the use of the extraordinary form. I find it difficult to envisage that there are any “stable groups” in our diocese who “adhere” to the 1962 Missal. [How many mistakes can we find in this? 1) “stable group” is not in the document, 2) “attached” not “adhere”, 3) the M.P. says “attached to the previous liturgical tradition” not “1962 Missal”] There are clearly individuals who do so, but when offered a weekly celebration of Mass in the 1962 Missal less than 30 people regularly attend. Furthermore it is difficult to say that people who do not regularly attend the 1962 Missal when it is actually available “adhere” to this Rite.”

“Priests ordained after 1970 are unlikely to be qualified to celebrate the Mass according to the 1962 ritual. It is certainly clear that a one week course would be insufficient to so qualify a priest. The discernment is mine … [Nope, again. The discernment is the Church’s law and practice. Idoneus means a minimum qualification. A priest ought to be able to pronounce the words and know the rubrics. That is it.] As the chief liturgist of our diocesan community I expect to be consulted so that I may confirm that any particular priest, before he begins to do so, is “qualified” to celebrate the extraordinary form in parishes.” [My heavens. I am left amazed.]

“Article 9 refers to the permission granted to parish priests to use the earlier Ritual for four of the sacraments…it is to be noted that this article falls under the same requirements that there be a stable group with an attachment to the prior rite, [NO IT DOESN’T. Art. 9, § 1: “Similarly, a pastor, [PASTOR PASTOR] everything having been well though out, can grant permission for using the older Ritual administrate of the sacraments of Baptism, Matrimony, Penance and Annointing of the Sick, as the good of souls suggests.” This says NOTHING about any “stable group” or even the group referred to as coetus … continenter exsistit.] that the ordinary form is not displaced and that the priest be suitable qualified….I require that you consult me before making use of these rites so that I may verify the circumstances for the use of the earlier Ritual and your suitability for its use”.

“…no-one may be forced [GOOD GRIEF!] to take part in the 1962 rituals when they would wish to celebrate according to the ordinary Rite”.

“I look to you, the priests of the diocese to cooperate with me [OR ELSE] in this matter so that all may be done in the spirit of [repression] unity that the Holy Father so urgently [tried to avoid] seeks.


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  1. Denne skotske erkebiskopen er på gyngende grunn. Skulle man ta etter ordbruk vendt mot konservative/tradisjonelle katolikker, er skismagrensen passert forlengst.

    Man taler om lydighet…at tradisjonalister er ulydige når de protesterer mot misbruk av alle slag. Bla, bla, bla. Det korrupte etablissementet derimot, som bruker pavelige skriv slik andre bruker toalettpapir, de trenger ikke være lydige mot noen som helst unntatt seg selv. Der ligger det virkelige skismaet. Etter 40 år på ørkenvandring er det på tide med et kirkelig payback. Skulle ønske paven reetablerte inkvisisjonen. Jeg søker herved jobb som Torquemada.

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