jun 272009

På sitt møte litt tidligere i juni reviderte de amerikanske katolske biskopene et dokument fra 2002, som langt på vei sa at jøder ikke trengte å tro på Kristus. Det nye dokumentet sier derimot:

5. The document [Reflections] correctly acknowledges that “Judaism is a religion that springs from divine revelation” and that “it is only about Israel’s covenant that the Church can speak with the certainty of the biblical witness.” Nevertheless, it is incomplete and potentially misleading in this context to refer to the enduring quality of the covenant without adding that for Catholics Jesus Christ as the incarnate Son of God fulfills both in history and at the end of time the special relationship that God established with Israel. The Second Vatican Council explained: [emphasis added]

“The principal purpose to which the plan of the old covenant was directed was to prepare for the coming of Christ, the redeemer of all and of the messianic kingdom, to announce this coming by prophecy, and to indicate its meaning through various types.”

Hele dokumentet kan leses her (pdf), og flere artikler kommenterer denne saken – HERHERHER.

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