aug 202009

Zenit leser vi i dag at Vatikanet i løpet av dette året for prester is aiming to prepare a “brief, forceful and very clear” document on the formation of seminarians as one of the elements to close the Year for Priests.

This was affirmed by Archbishop Jean-Louis Bruguès, secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education, in an interview with L’Osservatore Romano today.

The archbishop explained that the preparation of the document over upcoming months will imply a meeting of the congregation’s permanent commission, made up of members of various dicasteries who deal with the formation of future priests.

The congregation, the prelate added, wants to send a message to priests that they have been “chosen, [the priesthood] is an honor. Be happy to be a priest.”

Mandag var jeg forøvrig med på mottakelsen arrangert av St Eystein presteseminar, etter messen i St Olav kirke, og møtte bl.a. mange av våre kjekke prestekandidater – samt flere andre gamle kjente.

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