apr 282010

Pave Benedikt har fått mye kritikk i media i det siste (mye av det ufortjent, eller min mening), men uttalte seg likevel rosende om den nye mediesituasjonen sist lørdag, da den italienske bispekonferansen arrangerte et seminar kalt: “Digitalt vitnesbyrd; ansikter og språk i dagens mediavirkelighet”. Der sa han bl.a. (se gjerne også videoen over):

I exhort all media professionals not to tire of nourishing in their heart that passion for man that draws ever closer to the languages he speaks and to his true face. You will be helped in this by a solid theological formation and above all a deep and joyful passion for God, fed by a constant dialogue with the Lord… As I thank you for the service you give to the Church and therefore to the cause of man, I exhort you to walk the roads of the digital continent, animated by the courage of the Holy Spirit. Our confidence is not uncritically placed in any instrument of technology. Our strength lies in being Church, believing community, able to bear witness to all the perennial newness of the Risen One, with a life that blooms in fullness in the measure that it opens up, enters into relation, gives itself gratuitously.

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