okt 022010

“Det var en sterk opplevelse å være i fullstending stillhet i Hyde park foran alterets hellige sakrament, sammen med over 80 000 mennesker.” Dette og mer til sier erkebiskop Nichols i en video, der han minnes det som skjedde da pave Benedikt nylig besøkte Skottland og England – fra the Papal Visit:

In a special video reflection, the Archbishop of Westminster spoke enthusiastically about the four days of “joy and happiness” and highlighted some of the Holy Father’s key messages:

“He said to us: ‘Be witnesses to the beauty of holiness, the splendour of the truth and the joy and freedom born of a relationship with Christ’. That’s the sentence I suggest we ponder as a great gift from the Holy Father – the beauty of Holiness – that’s the holiness of God that can be born in us when we’re open to the mystery of God.”

Archbishop Nichols goes on to discuss the Hyde Park evening Vigil as a profound, grace-filled occasion:

“I can never forget that sense of 80-90,000 people in total silence in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament in Hyde Park. It was something beyond words – the fruit of a lot of prayer and a moment of profound grace. It shows the beauty of holiness.” …

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