jan 272012

I dag feiret man i den tradisjonelle liturgien den hellige Johannes Krysostomos (=gullmunn), og jeg leste i Matutins tredje lesning:

Reading 3
John came from Antioch and was called “Chrysostom” because of the golden flood of his eloquence. Ordained a priest of the Church of Antioch, he was later, against his will made archbishop of Constantinople to succeed Nectarius, through the influence of Arcadius the emperor. In this office, since he spoke out strongly against the degradation of public morals and the licentious lives of the nobility, he drew down on himself the hatred of many persons. He gravely offended Empress Eudoxia also, because he reprehended her for taking the money of the widow Callitropa and the land of another widow. For all these reasons he was forced into exile, while all the widows and the needy mourned at being deprived of their common father. It is beyond belief how many hardships he suffered in his exile and how many people he converted to the faith of Jesus Christ. The number, warmth and brilliance of his sermons and other writings are universally admired. He gave up his soul to God on September 14, and his body -was buried in the Vatican basilica. This outstanding Doctor of the universal Church was appointed the heavenly patron of preachers by Pope Pius X.

På katolsk.no leser vi om hvordan/hvorfor hans minnedag ble flyttet fra 27/1 til 13/9:

…. Allerede konsilet i Khalkedon i 451 omtalte ham som kirkefader, og i 1568 utnevnte den hellige pave Pius V (1566-72) ham offisielt til kirkelærer. Den 8. juli 1908 ble han utnevnt til de kristne predikantenes skytshelgen av den hellige pave Pius X. Nå feirer Kirken hans fest den 13. september, dagen for translasjonen av hans relikvier til Roma og vigilien for hans dødsdag, fordi 14. september er opptatt av festen for Korsets opphøyelse. Tidligere ble hans fest feiret den 27. januar, dagen for translasjonen av hans bein til Konstantinopel. …

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