jan 142014

Norske (nett)aviser trykker i dag denne “nyheten” som om det skulle være en nyhet (bl.a. VG her), og NTBscanpix har også laget en video om dette – se under.

Det går ikke klart frem i den norske mediavirkeligheen når og hvorfor pave Frans sa dette (og heller ikke hva han ellers sa), men Vatikanradioen har en grundig oppsummering av hva paven sa under sitt årlige møte med alle verdens diplomater i Vatikanet i går, mandag 13/1-14:

In a state-of-the-world address to the diplomatic corps, Pope Francis on Monday urged for diplomacy and dialogue in finding solutions to conflicts in several trouble spots of the world, and condemned, among other things, the ‘culture of waste’, the horror of abortion, human trafficking, poverty, hunger, malnutrition as well as the greedy exploitation of the environment. Currently, the Holy See has full diplomatic relations with 180 states of the world. In a traditional meeting to exchange new year’s greeting with the ambassadors to the Holy See, Pope Francis recalled fraternity as the foundation and pathway to peace, the theme of his Jan. 1 World Day of Peace message, and urged for combating greed, closing in and isolation, and instead create an open society where there is room of everyone, poor and rich alike, near and afar. Noting a rise in broken families, he called for support to strengthen it. He also called for support to the elderly and the young, saying they are the hope of humanity. Talking about peace, he drew attention to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, the Israeli-Palestinian issue, Nigeria, the Central African Republic, Mali and South Sudan. In Asia, he especially recalled 50 year of diplomatic relations with South Korea this year, and prayed for reconciliation between the two Koreas. In the Asian continent he lamented “growing attitudes of prejudice” against Christians, and said the Holy See looks with lively hope to the signs of openness coming from countries of great religious and cultural traditions, with whom it wishes to cooperate in the pursuit of the common good.” The Holy Father also drew attention to the plight of migrants and refugees, drawing attention to the situation in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region, Latin Americans bound for the United States and those from Africa and the Middle East bound for Europe. The Pope also reminded the diplomats about the threat to peace arising from “the greedy exploitation of environmental resources,” pointing to the devastating effects of natural disasters, such as by the typhoon Haiyan.

Etter dette grundige referatet kan man på Vatkianradioens nettsider lese hele pavens tale (i engelsk oversettelse).

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