jul 052014

Den engelske presten, Fr Ray Blake, skriver at han publiserer færre ting på sin blogg nå enn før – i pave Benedikts tid:

…. someone recently asked me why I tend not to post so often as I did, and I must say I have been asking the same question about other bloggers.

The reign of Benedict produced a real flourish of ‘citizen journalists’, the net was alive with discussion on what the Pope was saying or doing and how it affected the life of our own local Church. Looking at some of my old posts they invariably began with quote or picture followed by a comment, Benedict stimulated thought, reflection and dialogue, an open and free intellectual environment. There was a solidity and certainty in Benedict’s teaching which made discussion possible and stimulated intellectual honesty, one knew where the Church and the Pope stood. Today we are in less certain times, the intellectual life of the Church is thwart with uncertainty. …

Nedgangen i innlegg er ganske tydelig også på min blogg – uten at jeg skal prøve å forklare hvorfor. Les Fr Blakes blogginnlegg selv – og les også alle kommentarene han har fått.

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