Økumenikk viktig

Mandag 25. april la pave Benedikt vekt på bl.a. andre kristnes deltakelse i både sorgen og gleden i den katolske kirke – og snakket fransk under denne delen av pressekonferansen.

«In greeting the delegates of the Orthodox Churches, the Eastern Orthodox Churches and the ecclesial communities of the West, he noted how «welcome» their presence was both yesterday in St. Peter’s and in the days of mourning for and the funeral of Pope John Paul II. He told them their tribute at that time «went well beyond a simple act of ecclesial courtesy. … Your participation in the mourning of the Catholic Church for his death showed how true and how great is the common passion for unity.»

«In greeting you, I would like to thank the Lord,» said the Pope, «Who has blessed us with His mercy and has infused in us a sincere disposition to make His prayer – ‘ut unum sint’ – our prayer.»

Speaking French, Benedict XVI called this morning’s meeting «significant as it permits the new bishop of Rome, pastor of the Catholic Church, to repeat to you, with simplicity, ‘Duc in altum’ (Put out into the deep).» He added that he wished to «reaffirm the irreversible commitment» undertaken at Vatican Council II, and since then, to stay «on the path towards full unity desired by Jesus for His disciples. … Your presence, dear brothers in Christ, beyond what divides us and throws shadows over our full and visible communion, is a sign of sharing and support for the bishop of Rome, who can count on your support to follow» this path.

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