Cardinal Cassidy intervjues om økumenikk

Cardinal Edward Cassidy, som i mange år var ansvarlig for det økumeniske arbeidet i Vatikanet, har nylig utgitt en bok, som heter: «Rediscovering Vatican II: Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue» I et intervju med snakker han både litt om Kirkens forhold til jødene, ang. forholdet til de protestantiske og aller mest til de ortodokse kirkene har han håp om videre fremgang:

With other Christian churches, our aim is to come into full communion as far as possible. This was again seen in the message the Synod of Bishops sent out, highlighted in the regret held by the bishops about the fact that still we are not able to share at the Eucharistic table with the other denominations, apart from the Orthodox, of course, but even there we aren’t able to do that fully yet.

The kind of relationship which would allow us to accept each other in full communion has still got a long way to go, but that is where we are heading and I am very confident that we will reach that goal at least with the Orthodox churches and the ancient Eastern Churches.

The great thing for me in ecumenism is that, though you know the goal may be difficult and a long way away, we can still rejoice in the fact that we have come from where we were before — i.e., either hostile to each other or indifferent — to what John Paul II said so beautifully that we have «rediscovered the fact that we are not enemies, we are not strangers, that we are brothers and sisters in the one Lord Jesus Christ.» I believe this has been a great accomplishment for all the churches.

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