Hvordan bør konselebrasjon fungere?

Det sies at pave Benedikt nå vil se på betingelsene for store konselebrasjoner:

No more big «show» Masses: The Pope want to put the brakes on huge concelebrations with hundreds of priests, often far from the altar, as we are now used to in the World Youth Days and papal journeys. Benedict XVI has entrusted to the Congregation for Divine Worship the task of preparing, if necessary, an «instruction».

Concelebrations will be limited to precise circumstances with a reduced number of priests around the altar. The Constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium fixed the cases in which it was permitted to concelebrate. «It is necessary to return to the original meaning of concelebration, which is the sign of unity of priests», explained Msgr. Nichola Bux, a professor at the Theological Faculty of Puglia.

Jeg leste dette hos Father Z., og han skriver selv om dette emnet:
I have gotten to point with the Novus Ordo that I will very rarely concelebrate. I will happy do so for ordinations, for a Chrism Mass, for a few other instances, for example with my bishop or when the titular Cardinal, Card. Arinze, would come to the cathedral, etc. I think concelebration should be safe, legal and rare. Above, all rare.

I en av kommentarene til Father Z.’s post leser vi også noe interessant (interessant hvis man syns det var et tap at de gamle høymessene – med prest diakon og subdiakon – forsvant):
Interestingly Concelebrated Mass almost overnight elimited Solemn High Mass. Since the priest deacon and subdeacon were normally all priests they just began to concelebrate. The original rubrics presumed that concelebrants would be in addition to the deacon and subdeacon but that didn’t happen.

Similarly, in Pontifical Mass, the Presbyter Assistens was replaced by a concelebrant, The honorary deacons were alowwed to be concelebrants (and invariably were)and subdeacons were omitted. In practice the subdeacons were omitted even before the Order was suspended in about 1968. The loss of solemn High Mass and of Pontifical Mass in it’s traditional form were great losses.

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