apr 282007

Fredag kveld leste jeg en lang og svært interessant artikkel om hva som er det aller viktigste for pave Benedikt. John Allen skrev stykket etter å ha lest grundig gjennom pavens nye bok om Jesus fra Nasaret, samt å ha analysert også andre ting paven har gjort det siste året. Han skriver:

I set myself the task of studying the book “Jesus of Nazareth”. The key question is, “Why this subject, and why now?” Yes, a pope talking about Jesus is hardly a thunderclap — but a pope talking about prayer or morality would be equally par for the course. Given Benedict’s fascination with liturgy, one might have expected him to turn his pen to that theme if it were purely a matter of indulging his own interests, or settling old academic scores. Yet the pope himself hinted that something more urgent is involved in Jesus of Nazareth, writing that he devoted “all his free moments” after his election to finishing the book. To be honest, that’s a bit of misdirection; popes don’t really have “free time,” and in any event, how they fill the moments in their day which are not formally scheduled usually is a good indicator of their real priorities. Thus the choice to write on Jesus, striving to put the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith back together again, is hardly casual.

What seems clear is that the motive for the book is also emerging as the core doctrinal concern of this pontificate: Christology. Put in a nutshell, Benedict’s thesis in Jesus of Nazareth is that there can be no humane social order or true moral progress apart from a right relationship with God; try as it might, a world organized etsi Deus non daretur, “as if God does not exist,” will be dysfunctional and ultimately inhumane. Jesus Christ, Benedict insists, is “the sign of God for human beings.” Presenting humanity with the proper teaching about Jesus is, therefore, according to Benedict, the highest form of public service the church has to offer.


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