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Vatikanet har nå utgitt et grundig (flere hundre sider) dokument om hvordan messen bør feires. Så langt fins det visst bare på latin, men Father Z skriver litt om det he – og her kan det bestilles fra Roma:

1. It is divided into 3 sections: doctrinal, liturgical, and devotional.
2. It has number of appendices: Book IV of the Imitation; section of 1983 Latin Code; section of 1990 Eastern Code on the Eucharist.
3. The preface is by the Prefect of the Cong. for Divine Worship, Card. Canizares. It clearly speaks of both forms of the Roman Rite being of equal importance.
4. The doctrinal section contains excerpts from the the decree of the Council of Trent on the Eucharist; Vatican II; the Compendium of the Catechism on the Eucharist; a commentary on the Four Eucharist prayers.
5. The liturgical section contains the Ordo Missae of the Novus Ordo; the Ordo Missae of the 1962 Missale Romanum; the Office of Corpus Christi from the Liturgia Horarum; the complete Office for Coprus Christi from the 1961 Breviarium Romanum; two Votive Masses of the Holy Eucharist; the Order of Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament; 7 Litanies; and a number of Eucharistic hymns.
6. The devotional part contains the prayers before Mass, the prayers after Mass, vesting prayers for the priest and for the bishop, and other devotional prayers.

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