mai 242016

I en artikkel i Catholic Herald skriver Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith at de siste abortstatistikkene i England, som viser at stadig flere kvinner over 30 tar abort, bør forandre vårt syn på hvorfor abort blir valgt. Han skriver bl.a.:

… When abortion was first legalised in Britain, under certain strict conditions, all of which have been long forgotten, the picture that was painted of the woman who would be coming for abortion was radically different to the picture that emerges today. Back then she was young, friendless, desperate, vulnerable, seeking abortion as a last resort, a deserving object of our compassion. Today, this picture makes less and less sense. The figures we have now make it clear that the woman coming for abortion is quite likely to be in her 30s, married or with a partner, and who has had a previous abortion, and may well have living children.

So what has changed? Well, everything. The mindset that promotes abortion and contraception represents a continuum; both see fertility as a curse; both take measures, though of differing moral gravity, to stop fertility. But abortion is not the dramatic affair it clearly once was; but rather it represents the culmination of the contraceptive mentality. …

  One Response to “Abort blir stadig mer en form for prevensjon”

  1. Den katolske kirken er en av de sterkeste motstanderne av abort, de fordommer enhver form for direkte, provoserte abort. De mener at alle involverte i en abort gjor seg skyldig i en meget alvorlig handling. Ikke bare foreldrene, men alle de som utforer aborten og tilrettelegger for at det er mulig.

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