Evig liv er ikke en myte, men en framtid som gir mening til det daglige liv

Pave Benedikt snakket onsdag om temaer som har med ukens to store fester å gjøre; Allehelgensdag og Alle sjelers dag. Der sa han bl.a.:

Does modern man still expect eternal life, or does he consider it as part of a worn out mythology? In this day and age, we are so much absorbed by things of this world that it is sometimes difficult to think about God as a player in history and our lives.

Human existence, by its very nature, tends towards something greater, something that transcends itself. The longing for justice, truth and complete happiness in human beings cannot be suppressed. …

Sometimes Christians, too, seem to view “eternal life” as something quantitative, as “a life that lasts forever”. In fact, it is “a new quality of life, fully immersed in God’s love, one that frees us from evil and death and places us in endless communion with our brothers and sisters who partake in the same Love.


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