Ordenslivet blomstrer

To dager før Den katolske kirke markerer ordenslivets dag, leser vi at «ordenslivet blomstrer».

The secretary for the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, Archbishop Agostino Gardin, told the Spanish magazine Vida Religiosa that: «Those who speak insistently of decadence do not know consecrated life.»

The archbishop, who before his appointment as secretary of the Vatican congregation was minister general of the Conventual Franciscans and president of the Union of Superiors General, highlighted the «enormous vitality» of religious life.

Consecrated life «is on the right path; better still, it has always been so,» the archbishop said. He described as «very positive» the attention that consecrated persons have given in recent years «to charisms and a return to the origins,» which has them «to revise their way of being and living» their vocation.


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