mar 152008

Dette er et spørsmål som man ofte snakker m, også blant katolikker i Norge. Forandringene som kom etter Vatikankonsilet (men bare delvis oga. det) forandra Den katolske kirke ganske grundig, både teologisk, moralsk, kateketisk og liturgisk. På bloggen The New Liturgical Movement ble det i går skrevet en blogg som mest tar opp det siste aspektet. Hvorfor kom disse dramatiske forandringene, spør man, og svarer bl.a. slik:

The conventional opinions fall into two broad categories, neither of which capture the whole truth of course but they are views that people adopt in order to make sense of the times. The mainstream view, which has much going for it, is that people were desperate for a change from a Mass that was remote from the people to one that is more in keeping with contemporary norms. So they had gotten fed up with Latin and all the trappings and were ready for a more people-friendly environment.

The opposite view, which is also compelling based on the evidence, is that the turnaround was manufactured by a tiny elite that purported to speak for the people but actually represented a small faction that managed to wrest control of the reform process and ended up imposing its far-flung visions on a protesting Catholic world.

Les mer av dette innlegget – og les også de mange kommentarene.

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