Hvordan blir effekten av pavens besøk i USA?

Quiet, bold Benedict has left his mark. Slik skriver Raymond Arrayo, som sist uke leda EWTN‘s dekning av pave Benedikts USA-besøk. I Norge har vi hørt svært lite om besøket, med de av oss som har fulgt med gjennom internett (og som kjenner litt til papa Ratzinger fra tidligere), kjenner oss kanskje igjen i det Arrayo skriver:

The measure of this trip’s success will not be found so much in what the Pope does, as in the echo that remains after he does it. The response of those who hear him will tell the tale.»

Journalists are now calling inquiring about whether the Pope’s trip was successful and what impact it has had. … From a purely external perspective (the media perspective if you will), the trip has been a triumph. Pope Benedict’s «theatre of substantive acts»: his meeting with victims of clerical sexual abuse; the visit with religious leaders at the John Paul II Cultural Center; his warm, «impromptu» stop at the Park East Synagogue in New York, and the solemn prayer service at Ground Zero all brilliantly revealed a man of faith willing to engage the world with hope and love.

I have been struck by the number of non-Catholics who have stopped me in the streets of New York or written to share how touched they have been by the events of this week. Many say they are strangely drawn to this «new pope.»

I think we have all found ourselves fascinated and drawn to this Pontiff – not due to his dazzling oratory or ability to entertain, but for his willingness to challenge and risk for the sake of the Gospel message. It has been quite a week. Quiet, bold Benedict has left his mark.

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