Time Magazine skriver: Pave Benedikt har stoppet den liberale katolske bevegelsen

Time Magazine skrev lørdag at pave Benedikt hadde gjort ende på den liberale katolske bevegelsen i USA, som har vært så sentral siden 60-tallet. Artikkelen nevner flere grunner til at de mener dette, men jeg kan ikke helt si at jeg klarer å følge argumentene. se selv:

He may not have been thinking about it at the time, but Pope Benedict, in the course of his recent U.S. visit may have dealt a knockout blow to the liberal American Catholicism that has challenged Rome since the early 1960s. He did so by speaking frankly and forcefully of his «deep shame» during his meeting with victims of the Church’s sex-abuse scandal. By demonstrating that he «gets» this most visceral of issues, the pontiff may have successfully mollified a good many alienated believers – and in the process, neutralized the last great rallying point for what was once a feisty and optimistic style of progressivism.

The liberal rebellion in American Catholicism has dogged Benedict and his predecessors since the Second Vatican Council of 1962-65. «Vatican II,» which overhauled much of Catholic teaching and ritual, had a revolutionary impact on the Church as a whole. It enabled people to hear the Mass in their own languages; embraced the principle of religious freedom; rejected anti-semitism; and permitted Catholic scholars to grapple with modernity.

But Vatican II meant even more to a generation of devout but restless young people in the U.S. rather than a course correction, Terrence Tilley, now head of the Fordham University’s theology department, wrote recently, his generation perceived «an interruption of history, a divine typhoon that left only the keel and structure of the church unchanged.» They discerned in the Council a call to greater church democracy, and an assertion of individual conscience that could stand up to the authority of even the Pope. So, they battled the Vatican’s birth-control ban, its rejection of female priests and insistence on celibacy, and its authoritarianism.

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  1. Hadde det bare vært så vel… Men ugresset må nok lukes bort av Vår Herre. Imidlertid har nok paven bidratt til å begrense radikalernes mulighet til å ødelegge Kirken.

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