“Guds ord i Kirkens liv og misjon”

Fra 5. til 26. oktober i år skal den tolvte ordinære bispekonferansen gå av stabelen i Vatikanet, og temaet er: «Guds ord i Kirkens liv og misjon». I dag ble arbeidsdokumentet for synoden presentert, og der leser vi bl.a.:

The «Instrumentum laboris», which has been published in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Polish, is divided into three parts: (1) The Mystery of God Who Speaks to Us; (2) The Word of God in the Life of the Church; (3) The Word of God in the Mission of the Church.

The secretary general of the Synod, Archbishop Eterovic, explained how part one is subdivided into three chapters. «The first chapter», he said, «seeks to explain the scope of the term ‘Word of God'». Chapter two «is dedicated to the subject of the inspiration and truth of Holy Scripture, and to its relationship with the Word of God»; it also contains reflections on the relationship between Tradition, Scripture and Magisterium for a correct ecclesial interpretation of Holy Writ». Chapter three concentrates on the «the disposition believers should have towards the Word of God: listening to God Who speaks».

.. the second section of the «Instrumentum laboris» is subdivided into two chapters, the first of which «makes it clear that the Word of God gives life to the Church, which is born and lives by the Word of God». Chapter two of this section «describes the Word of God in the many services of the Church. The ministry of the Word, which has various modes of expression, finds a privileged place in liturgical celebrations», he said.

«It is necessary, then,» he went on, «to exercise particular care over the liturgy of the Word, the readings, the homily and the prayer of the faithful, which are essential parts of the Mass». The document, he said, also «underlines the importance of studying theology – and especially exegesis – in accordance with the orientation of the Church, in other words interpreting Scripture in the context of the Church’s living Tradition, giving due weight to the patrimony of the Fathers and listening to the indications of the Magisterium».

part three of the «Instrumentum laboris», is also subdivided into three chapters. «The first reiterates the Church’s mission to proclaim the Word of God … through evangelisation and catechesis». Chapter two «indicates how to put into effect the faithful’s shared vocation to receive and give the Word of God» in accordance with the tasks and responsibilities of each within the Church. «Chapter three is dedicated to ecumenical and inter-religious relations», said the archbishop, recalling that «Sacred Scripture is an important bond of unity with other Christians», and that «there exists a special relationship uniting Christians and Jews, with whom they share a large part of Scripture». This chapter also contains «important considerations concerning faithful of other religions, … especially Islam. Even though Christianity is more the religion of the person of Jesus Christ and not of the Book, Holy Scripture is an important aspect of inter-religious dialogue».

Fra Vatican Information Service.

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