TLM i England – positive og negative nyheter

I The Times Online leser vi om et kurs i å feire den tradisjonelle latinske messen, i Oxford i England. 60 prester deltok i et svært vellyka kurs. Slik skriver Damian Thompson:

We are witnessing an unusual sight: a Roman Catholic solemn mass, celebrated according to an ancient Latin rite effectively outlawed 40 years ago. And it’s taking place in the 13th-century chapel of Merton college, Oxford, which has been Anglican for 400 years.

Just for a week, however, it has gone back to being Catholic – but this is not Catholicism as most people know it. I’m at the summer school of the Latin Mass Society which – to the delight of the conservative Pope Benedict XVI and the dismay of trendy British bishops – is teaching priests how to say the Tridentine mass.

The last time Merton chapel regularly witnessed this sort of complex liturgy was in the 1540s, before the Protestant reformers pulled out much of the stained glass and toppled the statues of saints. The organi-sers of the summer school are reformers, too, but their aim is precisely the opposite: to restore Latin services and rich furnishings to their own Catholic parish churches, many of which were stripped bare by modernisers after the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s.

Samtidig leser vi om at en engelsk, katolsk biskop vil stenge en kirke fordi det brukes for mye latin der – både den gamle og den nye messen feires på latin. Det hele høres ganske underlig ut:

There is a shocking story of the apparent suppression of a traditionalist Catholic parish in the diocese of Leeds.
One hundred parishioners of St John the Evangelist, Allerton Bywater, have petitioned their bishop, the Rt Rev Arthur Roche, to allow the parish to celebrate Mass only in Latin, in both the old and new forms. Instead, he is closing the church this month and has told the parish priest, Fr Mark Lawler, that he will not be appointed to a new parish because his ministry is «divisive».

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