Mer om SSPX-biskops sjokkerende synspunkter på holocaust

I dag kan vi lese at ledene biskop innenfor SSPX, Bernard Fellay, svarer slik på spørsmålet om biskops Williamsons synspunkter på holocaust: «I deplore that a Bishop may have given the impression of involving the Fraternity with a view that is not ours.»

Kardinal Kasper uttaler seg om dette samme, og sier svært klart: «They are unacceptable words, stupid words. To deny the Holocaust is stupid and it is a position that has nothing to do with the Catholic Church.»

Kasper siteres samme sted slik om opphevelsen av ekskommunikasjonene:
«It was a gesture to favor the reconstitution of the unity of the Church. It is only a first step, because a series of themes must still be discussed. It is necessary to see in what way they accept the Council. It remains to be seem what will be the status of the SSPX. … Benedict XVI expressed himself about this problems with extreme clarity. I understand that the opinions of Williamson can cast a shadow on relations with Judaism, but I am convinced that the dialogue will continue. We have good relations with them.»

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