La Riforma di Benedetto XVI: la liturgia tra innovazione e tradizione

Msgr. Nicola Bux ga i 2008 ut ei bok med denne tittelen (over); om Benektikt XVI’s liturgiske reform. Boka gis i disse dager ut på spansk (vi håper på en engelsk oversettelse), og denne spanske utgaven har et svært interessant forprd av Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, leder for Vatikanets liturgikongregasjon. Der skriver han både om en viss holdning til Vatikankonsilet, og om pavens ‘frigjøing’ av den gamle messen, «som hadde hatt betydning selv om det ikke fanktes en eneste tradisjonalist». Jeg har funnet dette stoffet på NLM-bloggen og på Hermeneutic-bloggen:

In one place, His Eminence speaks of the way in which the term «preconciliar» has been used as an insult «as if an abyss should be created between the «before» and the «after» the Council» and then says:

Today, thanks to the Motu Proprio, this situation is changing notably. And it is doing so in large part because intention of the Pope has not only been to satisfy the followers of Monsignor Lefevbre, nor to confine himself to respond to the just wishes of the faithful who feel attached, for various reasons, to the liturgical heritage represented by the Roman rite, but also, and in a special way, to open the liturgical richness of the Church to all the faithful, thus making possible the discovery of the treasures of the liturgical patrimony of the Church to those who still do not know it. How many times is the attitude of those who disdain them not due to anything other than this ignorance! Therefore, considered from this last aspect, the Motu Proprio makes sense beyond the presence or absence of conflicts: even if there were not a single «traditionalist» whom to satisfy, this «discovery» would have been enough to justify the provisions of the Pope.

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