Pave Benedikt på Nebo-fjellet – i går

I går besøkte pave Bendeikt Nebo-fjellet i Jordan, der Moses så inn over det lovede land.

Se litt om dette på YouTube (Vatakanet har sine egne sider på YouTube HER). Jeg tar også med litt av pavens tale da han her i gikk i Moses’ fotspor:

It is appropriate that my pilgrimage should begin on this mountain, where Moses contemplated the Promised Land from afar. The magnificent prospect which opens up from the esplanade of this shrine invites us to ponder how that prophetic vision mysteriously embraced the great plan of salvation which God had prepared for his People. For it was in the valley of the Jordan which stretches out below us that, in the fullness of time, John the Baptist would come to prepare the way of the Lord. It was in the waters of the River Jordan that Jesus, after his baptism by John, would be revealed as the beloved Son of the Father and, anointed by the Holy Spirit, would inaugurate his public ministry. And it was from the Jordan that the Gospel would first go forth in Christ’s own preaching and miracles, and then, after his resurrection and the descent of the Spirit at Pentecost, be brought by his disciples to the very ends of the earth.

Hele talen fins her. har egne nettsider som viser pave benedikts besøk i Jordan og Israel.

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