Litt av et prestejubileum!

En engelsk, katolsk prest, Fr. Tim Finigan, feiret tirsdag 25-årsjubileum for sin prestevielse, med en svært storslått markering, som man kan lese om HER – med lenker til andre blogger nederst. Det var visst nærmere 300 menensker til stede, og over 30 prester, da Fr. Finigan var hovedcelebrant i en høymesse etter den gamle ritus.

Fr. Finigan skriver selv om messen: «Last night’s Mass was a very beautiful, sacred and at the same time homely occasion. The Parish choir, led by Brenda who has been involved with the music in the parish since before I was born, sang Ludovico Viadana’s Missa L’Hora Passa, as well as Crookall’s Confirma Hoc and Gounod’s Ave Verum at the offertory, and Mozart’s Iubilate Deo at Holy Communion. The Schola who come regularly for our first Saturday Missa Cantata sang the proper texts in Gregorian Chant. We had Credo I and finished off with a rousing Te Deum in which there was actuosissima participatio. «Jubilee Secretary», Wendy, organised the printing of a fine booklet for the Mass so that everyone could follow the proper texts and «say or to sing together in Latin those parts of the Ordinary of the Mass which pertain to them.»»

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