Erkebiskop i Australia kritiserer den gamle oversettelsen av messen til engelsk

Jeg leser HER at erkebiskop Coleridge i Australia er glad for at den nye engelske oversettelsen av messen snart kan tas i bruk (trolig i 2011), og at han også kritiserer ganske grundig hvordan den nye messen har fungert siden 1970. Hans uttalelser viser vel igjen at stemninga holder på å snu; at stadig flere kirkeledere nå kritiserer hvordan liturgiforandringene de siste 40 år har fungert. Her er et lite utdrag av hans synspunkter:

The newly translated Roman Missal to be issued in Australian parishes in 2011 will help address the serious theological problems of the 1973 missal currently in use, said one of Australia’s most senior liturgists.

In the process, it will more faithfully implement the liturgical vision of the Second Vatican Council and also fulfill the reforms of the much-maligned 1570 Council of Trent, Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Canberra-Goulburn told approximately 200 liturgists gathered in Perth in early February.

While Archbishop Coleridge acknowledged that the missal used since 1973 has made gains in accessibility, participation, Scripture, adaptation and inculturation, he said it also has “serious problems theologically” and “consistently bleaches out metaphor, which does scant justice to the highly metaphoric discourse” of Scripture and early Christian writers. This is the result of a misunderstanding of Vatican II’s reforms, he said. …

… the liturgy has largely lost the sense of the liturgy as primarily Christ’s action, as something received “not just what we do; a mystery into which we are drawn.” “We can’t just tamper with it,” he said. “Celebrants sometimes act as if it’s their own personal property to do with what they like. You can’t.”

An overly cerebral approach to liturgy, loss of ritual, oversimplification of rites, loss of a sense of silence, beauty and an unwitting clericalism have all led to the Mass lacking its full potential to catechize the faithful and renew the church, he said.

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