Msgr. Scicluna er ansvarlig for Vatikanets reaksjoner mot prester som forgriper seg på mindreårige

WWW.CHIESA skriver om Msgr. Charles J. Scicluna is the «promoter of justice» of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He is effectively the prosecutor of the tribunal of the former Holy Office, whose job it is to investigate what are known as «delicta graviora;» i.e., the crimes which the Catholic Church considers as being the most serious of all: crimes against the Eucharist and against the sanctity of the Sacrament of Penance, and crimes against the sixth Commandment («thou shall not commit impure acts») committed by a cleric against a person under the age of eighteen.

Han er kjent for å være streng mot prester som misbruker sin stilling på denne måten, og oppklarer også en del misforståelser i dette intervjuet. Han svarer også på hvor mange saker hans kontor har behandlet de siste ni år:

A: Overall in the last nine years (2001-2010) we have considered accusations concerning around three thousand cases of diocesan and religious priests, which refer to crimes committed over the last fifty years.

Q: That is, then, three thousand cases of paedophile priests?

A: No, it is not correct to say that. We can say that about sixty percent of the cases chiefly involved sexual attraction towards adolescents of the same sex, another thirty percent involved heterosexual relations, and the remaining ten percent were cases of paedophilia in the true sense of the term; that is, based on sexual attraction towards prepubescent children. The cases of priests accused of paedophilia in the true sense have been about three hundred in nine years. Please don’t misunderstand me, these are of course too many, but it must be recognised that the phenomenon is not as widespread as has been believed.

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