Et blogg-innlegg om prestebloggere som skriver om liturgien

Et innlegg på en blog jeg ikke har lest før, sier noe som vel også kan passe på denne bloggen:
A large part of the Catholic blog sphere is centred around Catholic priest bloggers who aim to promote the Extraordinary Form of the mass. This group of bloggers attract people because they act as a conduit to express dissatisfaction and hope. The «Hermeneutic of Continuity» has attracted in access of one million visitors and «Saint Mary Magdalen» also has a very strong following. Another very influential blog, not a priest, is «Damian Thompson» who works for the Daily Telegraph.

The key point of their blogging is to address how the Liturgy «should» be celebrated. They have bought into the blog sphere an historical debate on Vatican II liturgical reforms versus pre-Vatican II liturgy. The main point is that there «should» be a continuity in our liturgical worship rather than some kind of rupture that seeks to destroy the pre-Vatican II liturgical worship.

Den første av mange kommentarer til dette innlegget begynner slik:
Ah, I wondered how long it might take you to venture into this minefield. … I am one of those who reads Fr Blake and Damian Thomson on a daily basis; I used to read the famous Fr Z as well. I gave up on Fr Z and am seriously considering doing the same with the guy from the Telegraph. Why? simply because, from my observation 90% of the posts are complaining about this or that; they are essentially negative and I am much more positive about the Church and the Divine Liturgy.

Those who have a hankering for the EF have my total support, but they live in cloud-cuckoo land if they believe that everything was better pre-Vatican II and everything will be better again if only the EF becomes the OF. … …

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