Den amerikanske bispekonferansen fordømmer bok

For et par uker siden ble det kunngjort at den amerikanske bispekonferansens dogmatiske utvalg hadde fordømt (dette sterke ordet passer her) en bok om katolsk seksualetikk. De skriver:

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Doctrine has issued a statement in response to a request from the former and current archbishops of Omaha to review the content of a book by Creighton University professors Todd Salzman and Michael Lawler, The Sexual Person: Toward a Renewed Catholic Anthropology. In the statement, «Inadequacies in the Theological Methodology and Conclusions of The Sexual Person: Toward a Renewed Catholic Anthropology,» the Committee asserts that the authors of The Sexual Person «base their arguments on a methodology that marks a radical departure from the Catholic theological tradition» and «reach a whole range of conclusions that are contrary to Catholic teaching.»

The Committee concluded that «neither the methodology of The Sexual Person nor the conclusions that depart from authoritative Church teaching constitute authentic expressions of Catholic theology. Moreover, such conclusions, clearly in contradiction to the authentic teaching of the Church, cannot provide a true norm for moral action and in fact are harmful to one’s moral and spiritual life.» ….

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