17 biskoper og 150 prester fra the Traditional Anglican Communion vil bli katolikker

the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) har følt seg litt tilsidesatt de siste månedene; det var de som aller tydeligst spurte pave Benedikt om hjelp, men så har de kommet litt i skyggen av «moderkirken» i Engalnd. Fra Catholic Culture:

The leader of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) has disclosed that over 150 clerics in his group, including 17 bishops, hope to enter ordinariates within the Catholic Church in the coming year.

Anglican Archbishop John Hepworth, in a message to members of the TAC, expressed high hopes for the success of the ordinariates—although he revealed that the past year’s negotiations have not always proceeded smoothly.

“There have been exquisite difficulties this year,” Archbishop Hepworth conceded. “We have discovered how little detailed knowledge we have of the way the Catholic Church does things, and Catholic officials have discovered, I believe, their need to acquire a better and more profound knowledge of contemporary Anglicanism.” …

Erkebiskop Hepworth skriver selv følgende:

The creation of the first Ordinariate for Anglicans under the Apostolic Constitution of Pope Benedict XVI has been announced. As anticipated, for a host of symbolic and historical reasons, the first Ordinariate will be in England. ….

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